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remembering Venice…


if only you can see this in person.  the picture is good..but not that good.  I just stood there after I took this.


it rained this night.  Mang Trace, Tom and I grabbed some drinks after at some random bar.  walking back to our hotel room in the pouring rain was priceless.

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11th man theory

From the movie “Love is”

say there is a woman in a room with 10 men, and all 10 men are telling her how beautiful she is, and how amazing she is and they are lighting her cigarette and buying her drinks and just treating her like gold. Then all of a sudden in walks the 11th man, he takes one look at her and says “hey how ya doin'”, turns his back on her and starts talking to his boys, THAT’S the guy she wants to be with, the 11th man, not any of the 10 men who were treating her well all night, but the one guy that couldn’t care less, why? Because for some reason women don’t want nice, they don’t want real, they don’t want to be treated well, I mean not at first and sometimes not ever, and I think that’s crazy and I refuse to play that game …. get a girl by pretending that I don’t like her, I wanna be with a woman who’s real, who digs it when I’m nice to her, who doesn’t see that as weakness or take me for granted when I tell her that I think she is more amazing than anything else in the entire world, but unfortunately most women aren’t like that, they say they are, deep down inside they want to be, but … they’re not”

*cliff notes*

[if a woman is in a room with ten guys who treat her nice and tell her she is beautiful and so on, but the 11th guy walks in and igores her. He does not care what she thinks and does not tell her she is beautiful and smart, but she will go after this guy because he is not trying to get to know her. They said this is why nice guys never have relationships that last. This theory could apply to men or women, but in the movie it was about women. I don’t subscribe to this, but I have seen some woman who seem to be attracted to the bad boy]

thought it was interesting.