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So I got to check one more off the list.

Got to try Newports Seafoods spicy lobster.  Definitely recommend you try it if you like lobster asian style, or just plain love lobster.  Meat was tender and sweet, and the spices mixed in with the hot chilis, green onions and a healthy dose of MSG (Heck Ya).  A few other things we got the salty pork of course with the green onions and peppers,  fried string beans (I must say probably the best Ive had ever) some  beef in a pepper sauce, Clams in some sort of basil sauce.  Overall food was excellent definitely erased the horrible drive I experienced.   Ugh…. just about every kind of bad driver you can encounter, furthermore some horrible traffic added some heartache.  lol also the meds im taking have side affects that include agitation, restlessness and depression WTF  anyways im GLAD that I went with some good company. Good food – Good Peeps

(Wish I coulda took better pics…but of course i was too busy stuffing my face)

Finished off the night by hitting up a boba joint a few blocks away called half and half.  typical joint good boba prepared properly chewy but not to chewy, you feel?  Got a coffee slush with boba not big on coffee but it was good.  kept me awake on the trip home curbed the msg coma.  Strangely however place smelled like a pet store?  I wonder if they got hamsters running on wheels to power the joint?

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