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9-21-2010 “Absolutely PHObulous”

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so this post was supposed to come on monday..but I knocked the eff out cuz of my meds.

Food: 9-20-10

So ok…Monday was wack as usual, but during my week I guess you can say I look forward to lunch.  I making an effort to at least try something new maybe 2 or 3 times a week.   Makes the weekend come sooner I guess.

Aight back to food so I see this place everytime we head towards McD for lunch.   “Absolutely PHObulous”  shiet…with a name like that it deserves a  try right?  Well Vietnamese food in general has been one of my favs  Banh Mi, PHO soup w/ everything + tripe and tendon  lol, pork chops with the rice meat loaf thingy and the fish sauce, spring get the picture.

So I got the chance to try this joint since is 5mins from my place of work..hoping that it would be  good enough to keep me away from traveling to Victory & Sepulveda for some of that Pho 999.

Ok just kidding honestly I was watching The Great Food Truck Race and the Nom Nom girl Misa got me craving some Banh Mi, and I figured pho 999 didnt have em….so I took a risk and figured that this spot had a good chance…. further more the possibility of a good Vietnamese restaurant near work just seemed like the perfect opportunity to go on a food adventure…..and yah they had a good Yelp rating!

They had minimal options on the menu compared to what youre used to if you have ever been to a Vietnamese spot,  but I feel like they just streamlined it…I will do some further investigating.

They had minimal options however  they had Ham, chicken and marinated pork.  I ordered the marinated pork..cuz thats the go to banh mi for me =P.

They had Ham, chicken and marinated pork Banh mi meat choices available (maybe more I cant remember =P)  I ordered the marinated pork..cuz thats the go to banh mi for me =P.
So the verdict:  Its good…The pork and the bread is delicious… but the rest of the sandwich was missing something, maybe they didnt have it that day..but that pickled white veggie they usually put in there wasnt in and something else..not quite sure tho.

I still want to try the other ones tho lol so this score quite possibly could change

Banh Mi – 8 /10

I also ordered a Royal Spring Roll?  forgot what actual name they have.  its basically a spring roll with a marinated sausage instead of the shrimp comes with the same sauce.

This was so good!!  what can I say a spring roll with a sausage lol!!

Pork Spring Roll – 10/10

Food: 9-21-10 deserved a second try and since it was gloomy and cold outside (perfect pho weather) decided to have a hot bowl of there beef pho.

and I’m relieved to say that it was good! Cuz what kind of pho spot has crappy pho?  broth, noodles, meat all good definitely got the comforting effect Ive been starving for lately.

Beef Pho – 9/10

you think im done?  hell no lol.

My bro got the pork chop and rice

as you can tell from the pic it looks good lol…but I cant say if it was or bro says its missing something and doesn’t elaborate on much else.. he was disappointed it didn’t come with the shredded beef stuff usually on the rice..but I feel like the pork sausage was the substitute…he also mentioned something about not enough fish sauce….dammit shoulda tried some.

some things tho…not big on bashing service but they are slow…givin it was busy today took a while just to order usually at vietnamese spots its like bang bang youre in then youre out (get your mind out of the gutter perverts).  I got Pho and it was last to come out..figured I would get it first.. I think we spent almost an hr in there. Ive driven to pho 999 from work to eat and was back in the same time (10-15 mins away, my work is 5mins away).  Also…I was there monday as well, by far less busy..pretty slow actually, I spent about an hr as well…only real qualm with the place.

overall the spot is an 7.5/10  ..score could change im gonna be there more often.


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