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Kyushu Ramen

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If any of you are familiar anime series Naruto, then you know the main character is crazy about ramen.  So in the process of watching the first three or four seasons the main character stuffs his face with ramen at his favorite ramen spot “Ichiraku Ramen”..ok enough with the nerd stuff..

So I got curious about ramen…very curious.

My only experience with ramen previous of course is the staple “Top Ramen”.  Which I love, but thats a story for another day….

So I look up Ramen places near by where I live and BOOYaaH!! a few places show up…now this was before yelp blew up so I had no idea what to expect or if had a good reputation…I narrowed my choices to 3 or 4 places.  I literally eennie meenie mynni moed them and

Guess which one I came up with?

hope it was obvious……..

Ok.  So on to the food!!!

Ive tried a bunch of things here. So in my review Im going to “try” to keep it short.

Im not a ramen expert just so we are clear.

First Ramen bowl I tried was the chashu ramen

A few things I noticed right off the bat is the presentation of  a ramen bowl.  It looks and smells good without even diggin in!!  So I start grubbin, and I must say it was very good.  The pork on top was very tasty and not dry, the broth IMO was excellent very hot and full of flavor.  The Noodles are also very good not soggy at any point didnt stick together they absorbed the flavor of the broth as well A+ in my book.

To me the Star of this dish was the pork cuts on top…wish i had more of it


Naturally as I was browsing the menu a few things caught my eye so Im going to fill you in

Chicken/Pork Cutlet Curry

On another excursion to Kyushu I decided to try this.  I had some experience with katsu at Hawaiian bbq spots, but I found it curious that they had curry at a Japanese restaurant ( further investigation on this matter later enlightened me on the world of Japanese style curry and its “comfort” food status in Japan).

As the dish sat before me I was like, “Genius”  fried breaded meat w/rice and a healthy dose of curry!  Being Pinoy im used to these type of dishes and they never get old (Rice covered in sauce)… =P

Ok..Focus.   As I take my first bite I realize I devoured the damn thing  WTF.   To me…YES it was that good!  Hands down my fav dish here.

Japanese Curry has a sweet salty flavor to it differing from the Indian and Thai styles of curry.  Kyushu’s preparation of it has bits of meat in in it prob beef  and some chicken w/ side of red ginger….  What else can I say  but everytime I go to Kyushu I find myself struggling not to order this because I want to try something new!

10/10  ( I havent tried any better..)

Naturally  I would try the Katsu curry Ramen..and yes it was just as tremendous

other things Ive tried here include:  ( I havnt had them in a while so..I cant give a you a detailed review..but they honestly taste real great!!)

– steak  it comes with this green ponzu like sauce

– fried chicken ..Karagi?  served with cold noodles

– the spare rib plate also served with those cold noodles ..cold on purpose if that makes any sense.

– a rice and egg bowl

Overall this place has become one of my fav spots.  Ive tried some other Ramen restaurants off sawtelle and it was on par.  Although Ill admit that theyre ramen menu is limited compared to others.  Living in Valencia its nice that I dont have to trek out to LA to get a ramen fix….o yah they are open late!!

Score – 9.0


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  1. nice writeup im hungry now. lol

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