peek into my soul. and snoop around for a while.

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So hey….I got crush on you.

Absolutely and have completely surprised me.  Im a mess.

When I thought I didn’t know what I was looking for…I find you….knocking all my pins down.

Bold and beautiful, a go getter not afraid to be yourself.

Passionate and strong…I love to get you talking….about anything because of the energy you express on topics that are near and dear to you…you  light up a room…not to mention your quirky random crack me up…

I never thought I would meet someone with the potential to be infinitely interesting. Unique.

Your combination of beauty and hard to find….I actually had given up…maybe I was looking in all the wrong places….but I would be a fool if  I didnt acknowledge it.  Ive been  frontin….lying to myself.

I barely know you.  Ive barely scratched the surface on who you are…and im excited of the potential

Not asking you to be with me.  Or want  anything to change between us.**I TAKE THAT BACK. I DO WANT TO BE WITH YOU** Ive been holding all these feeling inside and it has haunted me for a while now, and quite frankly im tired of it sitting on the tip of my tongue.   I dont want to ruin any of  your plans **I WANT TO BE PART OF YOUR PLANS** . Just wanted to let you know.

This is how I feel about you.

I have so much more to say….but for now..this is all I can.